Mississippi Burning

This is no good in court.
We're not in court, Mr. Ward.
We'll never get 'em on murder anyway.


That's a state charge.
These hayseeds will never prosecute.

- I know that!
- We've got to get 'em in federal court!

- Violation of civil rights!
- Remember whose rights you're violatin'!

- Don't put me on your perch, Mr. Ward!
- Don't drag me into your gutter!

These people crawled out of a sewer,
Mr. Ward!

And maybe the gutter's
where we should be!

Thank you.
This better be important.
Who the hell called this meeting?
- We thought you did.
- Of this group? Are you stupid?

You didn't call this? Shit.
- If you didn't call this, who the fuck did?
- Shut up.

Is this some kind of bullshit setup?
Ray, are you sure you didn't call this?

Cos I got a note from my wife
and it said it was from you and Clinton.

Lester, shut up!
we're all gonna walk straight outta here...

...and say nothing.
That means nothin', Lester.
- First one who opens his mouth is dead.
- Shut up.

Hey, Clinton.