My Stepmother Is an Alien

Are you all right?
Yes, don't stop.
Do you see....
Dr. Steve, that was so wonderful.
I feel like I've been hit by a train.
And I don't think you need to call me
Dr. Steve anymore.

Steve, you're so stupid. We could have
been doing this the whole time.

We only met three hours ago.
I know. What took you so long?
Do others know about this?
About us? I don't see how they could.
No, about making love.
You could become very famous if
others in the world knew you could do this.


Didn't think I did it any differently
than anybody else.

You mean everybody does this?
Think of all the energy produced.
Properly channelled that energy could
propel half your people out of the galaxy.

We did some computer runs in the lab...
...and figured if we could harness
the energy output from...

...the male members of the Sheen family
we could put the state of lllinois on Pluto.

I really don't think I can
do this again so soon.

Yes, you can.