Rambo III

The first medication
for two months.

More gifts from the Soviets: Mines.
They look like toys.

Some children learn too late
that they're not.

Who's that?
That's Uri. He's Russian.
A deserter?
- A defector. There are lots of them.

He can help us best;
he knows the inside of the fort.

We'd better leave now.
This is where the mines start:
One meter here, then two meters there,

then round here.
There are four watchtowers
with four guards,

here, here, here and here.
Where are the prisoners?
- Here.

Once we're in,
is there another way out?

where the dirty water is.

I don't know the right word.
He means the sewer.
Where is it?

Here. It comes out here.
There are guards patrolling.

Better not to go that way.
Then we'll go through the minefield.
That's impossible.
It's full of Spetnaz commandos.

We're just a few,
we've lost many men already.

We'll lose more that way.
- I don't need many men.

What's your plan?
Two men for the minefield,
two for the rescue.