Salaam Bombay!

When did you come to Bombay?
It's ancient history, kid. I forgot.
How could you?
I was half your size
when I ran away from home.

When I was that high,
I had seen all of India three times.

By train, ticketless.
Up, down...
left, right...
And then?
Forget it. Why spoil a good high?
So, you think...
you can go back to the sweet village air?
Of course! As soon as I have my 500.
What's this business about 500 rupees?
You know, my brother lied
to my mother about me.

He said I stole his money.
He beat me when he felt like it.
When Father died, he became a big boss.
I got pissed off.
He was a mechanic.
He came home with a client's bike.

I set it on fire.
Ma said I couldn't stay home anymore.
You sneaky bastard!
Ma took me to the circus...
and left me there. She said:
"Don't come back until you have
500 for your brother."

I said, "Fine.
"In a month and 17 days,
I'll save 500 and go back home."

You stupid ass! You'll get burnt someday.