Tequila Sunrise

Take your shoes off the bed.
What are you doing?
I got a ticket.
Noise abatement ordinance.

Not allowed to do
any work on machinery.

Haven't worked on it lately.
Anyway, I better move it
or they will.

I ran into Rudi Samudio's customers.
They're desperate for product.
Not as desperate as Rudi.
He's doing 100 years.

They'll go up to
half a million in advance.

I couldn't help you if I wanted to,
and I don't want to.

You got to know
where something is. . .

. . .even if it's bad shit.
I mean, half a million bucks!

We agreed you weren't going to hit
me with this kind of stuff anymore.

Why do you keep talking?
I had a feeling
you'd change your mind.

Enough of this shit!
I got to stick this thing
in the water. See if it floats.

-What can I do for you?
-I'm okay.

You don't have to be here yet.
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Go home and rest
and come back tonight.

No, I'm fine.
It's okay.