Topio stin omichli

How did you get here?
And is that Alexander?
What's up?
They were found without tickets
on the express for Germany.

They said they were coming
to find you...

Difficult children.
I had to pry every word out of them.

Come here, come here and
tell me what's going on.

Fine then, everything's settled
you don't need me any more.

Just a moment!
Look here...
I can't get involved.
I'm not getting involved.

Aren't you their uncle?
Yes... I am their mother's

Brother... but we've been
out of touch for years.

I can't take the responsibility.
The whole thing's my sister's fault.

Did she have to tell them that
their father's in Germany?

What father? What Germany?
She doesn't know
who their father is!

There is no father...
there is no Germany.

The whole thing's a big lie.
And for what reason?
Because she didn't want to
tell them they're illegitimate.

And this is the result!
But why Germany?

How should I know?
So that they have something
to dream about.

Look here... don't get me
involved in this.

Notify their mother.