Who Framed Roger Rabbit

And leave no stone "interned".
Look, Valiant, we got a reliable
tip-off the rabbit was here.

And it was "corrugated" by several others.
So cut the bull schtick.
You keep talkin' like that, and
I'm gonna have to wash your mouth out.

Stop that laughing!
Stop that laughin'!
You know what happens
when you can't stop laughin'.

One of these days,
you're gonna die laughin'.

As for you, Valiant, step outta line...
and we'll hang you
and your laundry out to dry.

Come on, boys.
Let's am-scray.

- They're gone.
Jeepers, Eddie, that was swell.
You saved my life.

How can I ever repay ya?
Blecch! For starters,
don't ever kiss me again.

Will you stop kickin' me?
Stop kickin' me.
Dolores. Dolores!
Hey, Eddie, you made the front page today,
- Yeah, I guess I made some ink.
- And what ink.

Come on, Eddie.
So tell me, Eddie,
is that a rabbit in your pocket,
or are you just happy to see me?

Cut the comedy, Dolores.
I've had a very hard day.