Who Framed Roger Rabbit

No, I'll drive.
I'm the cab.

Outta my way, pencil-neck!
How about this weather, huh?
It never rains.
They sprung the cab.
Let's go.

And how about those Brooklyn Dodgers?
Are they bums, or what?

Move over, I'm drivin'.
Benny, Eddie, we got company!
- Would you look at these two...
Excuse me, ladies.

- Now that's what I call
a couple of road hogs.

- I'm gonna blow his head off.
Benny, look out for the Red Car!
Benny, there's cops right behind us!
Not for long, Roger.
Now they're right in front of us.
Eddie, we're goin' backwards.
Turn us around!

Gimme the wheel.
Gimme the wheel!

The cops are still on our tail.
I know the cops are on our tail.
What do you think I am, bli... Benny!

Pull the lever!
- Which one?
- Which one?

"Which one"?
I'm gonna ram 'em.
I'm gettin' too old for this.
- Jumpin' jeepers.
- Hey, Roger, what do you call
the middle of a song?

Gee, I don't know...
A bridge! Aah!

Well, fellas, where can I drop ya?
- Somewhere we can hide.
- I got just the place.

And incidentally, if you should ever
need a ride, just stick out your thumb.

Hey, share the road, will ya, lady?
Ah, now that wasn't so bad, was it?