Working Girl

What do you need speech class for?
You talk fine.

I'll pick you up at five,
we'll ride back together.

I can't. I got Emerging Markets
seminar at 5.30.

Jeez, it's your birthday. Can't they
emerge without you just this once?

- What time is my surprise party?
- What?

Come on.
I'm supposed to have you home at seven.
I'll cut out early and be home at 7.15, OK?
- All right.
- Thank you very much.

- Morning, Tess.
- Morning.

- Hi, Tess.
- Hi.

Mr Turkel's line.
Who's calling, please?
Hold on a moment.
Mr Lutz?
Hold on a second, all right?
Mr Turkel?
Mr Alagash... Hi.
- Mr Alagash is real anxious to talk to you.
- You couldn't maybe get him to hold?

You got him in Dentitech -
the one I said go short on.

It's fine, but he don't wanna
hear it from a secretary.

- There's no paper.
- What?

There is no goddamned paper
in this stall. Get me some?