Cavalry coming up inside four minutes.
Tanker 57 to Fire Boss.
Make that one minute.

Peter st. Peter, don't do this to me.
How much fuel you got left?

You know I love it in the kitchen.
Peter st. Peter, you've got that Evel
Knievel sound in your voice I hate.

I want to blow out this one tree,
funny face...

...and make a wish for your birthday.
You want to keep flying, land that plane.
Do what the lady says.
In the trees...
Excuse me, I didn't quite catch that.
Take over, Frank.
Tanker 57 to Tanker Base.
I've got a small inconvenience here.
Talk to me, Pete.
I may have overestimated my fuel
just a tad.

I see the base and my right engine is fine,
so there shouldn't be any...

What do you need?
-What do you need?
-Glider practice.

We've got a situation.
Flier coming in, dead stick.

This is good. I was rusty on panic.
No problem. I've got the airport in sight.
A nice little headwind.