...Firemen Strike at Dawn.
And this is why you're not exactly a hero
for taking the chances you take.

You're more of what I would call
a dickhead.

Is this heading somewhere?
Here's my point. I'm talking to this guy.
He tells me about this tanker school
in Flat Rock, Colorado.

A school for fire pilots.
There are no forest fires in Flat Rock,
Colorado, because there are no trees.

That is why they call it Flat Rock,
you dunce.

I think they know this, Pete.
That's why they chose Flat Rock.
so they could start a few little fires
without burning down all of Colorado.

The idea...
:13:49 to teach guys to do drops...
...and set up test areas to teach guys
who want to get their Air Attack cards.

Are you following this?
They're looking for a great teacher...
:14:01 a commanding officer.
An experienced guy who might be
looking for a change of pace.

Year-round employment, great paycheck.
Are you with me?

I'm way ahead of you.
It's not a bad notion.

I'm glad you see it like this.
It's a terrific idea.
You'd be perfect for it.
Me? I'm not talking about me.
I don't need a day job. I'm very happy...