Camille Claudel

You'd become a nun?
I would stop...
What arrogance!
From whom do you get it?
Camille is not arrogant.
She just won't settle for less...
than she thinks she deserves.
When she's violent...
it's only because she's impassioned.
As a child...
...she used to model
human skeletons out of clay.

Then she'd bake them in the oven.
And she'd forget to eat and sleep.
It was amazing.
When she's touchy...
it's because she's uncompromising.
Monsieur Rodin must have
realized this.

Isn't that so,
Monsieur Rodin?

Ah, temperament!
Where do we get our temperament?
We don't know what it is...
but we do know what it does!
On the "Gates of Hell"
I'm three years behind.

So, if I don't want to be
hounded by bureaucrats...

I must have help.
I can't work alone.

And Jessie Lipscomb
is leaving us for England.

I need qualified artists.
Talented ones! And fast!

No time to lose.
Which brings me...
to the pressing reason
for my visit here.

I want Camille in Paris!
Oh, yes.