It's the story...
It's the story
of a lovely lady

Who was living...
had three lovely girls

Each of them had hair
like their mother

What's the real color
of her hair anyway?

Make up your own verse!
It's the story of Phil Kozinski
Who was living in
a garbage dump alone

Anyway. Anyway...
Anyway. To life...
to love...
to Phil and Edie.
I'm touched.
Such a wonderful nephew.
Such a wonderful bride.
I don't deserve her.

You're right. You bastard!
Hey. You don't like it.
kiss me where the sun don't shine!

- Oh. Yeah? Where's that?
- I'll show you where!

It's all mine!
My brother Angelo
just rolled over in his grave.

- You're crazy!
- Crazy with love!

You put your right leg in
You put your right leg out

You put your right leg in
And shake it all about
Do the Hokey Pokey
and turn yourself around

That's what it's all about