She says a lot of attractive women
get depressed...

because they think people see
nothing but their looks.

She thinks I have sensitivity
and talent. Larry.

She says that.
Mrs. Wong is "wight."
I should tell you that more often.
I'm sorry.

Would you still slay
a dragon for me?

Maybe a baby dragon.
Mrs. Wong gave me a self-improvement
tape. Would you like to hear it?

Not right now.
I wouldn't hurt you for anything.
You know that. Don't you?

Why would you say that?
Will you dance with me?
We never dance anymore.

Oh. I forgot to tell you.
Remember the guy on the news
who listened to Ozzy Osbourne so much...

that his parents sued
because he became a mass murderer?

Aunt Irene told me today...
she's thinking of suing now
because cousin Donald...

listened to Barry Manilow
over and over...

and he became a florist.
That bad. Huh?
What's up?

It's the blonde
on the blue bicycle. Isn't it?