Olga. Listen. About us...
You've got a new girlfriend.
I can't see you anymore.
Lighten up.
Planned Parenthood.
You're not allowed
to talk to the driver.

Would you excuse me
just one moment?

- Hi.
- What did you tell him?

- Who?
- Your husband. About us?

- Nothing.
- Good. Keep it that way.

I wanted to make sure you're not a
three-beers-and-confession type.

You're a lot different
than last night.

Last night never happened. Understand?
I've changed my whole life today.

I've cleaned up my act.
No more women.

Last night never happened.

And if you ever say it did...
if you use the "f" word about us...

if even the "fu" sound
comes out of your mouth...

I will denounce you as a liar
and home-wrecker. Do you understand?

Excuse me. I have to get back
to her or her eyeliner will cake.

- Do you understand?
- I have an IQ in the triple digits.

What word do you think
I didn't understand?

Okay. I just wanted
to make sure you understood.

- Are you wearing black underwear?
- Yes.

Want to meet me
for a drink later?

Kiss my squirrel.