Die xue shuang xiong

Don't move!
Goddamn mess, assho--
Finish your sentence.
Ass... assho--
Inspector Li, the suspect
Eddie Hung held a hostage...

in a crowded trolley car...
Could you see him clearly?
- Could you?
- Yes.

- Why did you shoot?
- Instinct.

Did you consider the safety
of the passengers?

Did you sound any warning
before you shot?

Insuffilcient time.
The hostage had
a coronary thrombosis.

She died of a heart attack.
Her family has registered
an offilcial complaint.

- You're responsible for her death.
- That's crazy

How could I know she had
a heart condition?

I've been on Eddie Hung's case
for seven months.

The guy was a maniac.
He'd shoot anybody for any reason.

Should I have waited
until he killed her?

You forget
I'd just seen him kill a cop.

Who's responsible
for that cop's death?

Fine! Do whatever you want.
I'm used to all sorts
of complaints.

One more makes no difference.