Disorganized Crime

Oh, boy. The dog sits in the
front and we all go in the back.

I don't know what i just
stepped in, but it's real soft.

- Shit.
- Why don't we wait for a garbage truck?

That way each one of us
can have his own can.

It's better than footin' it, man.
It ain't better than breathing.

Look out for the-
a hundred and fifty dollars
i paid for those shoes.

I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch!

With what, george? He stole your
gun. Maybe you'll lend me yours.

Oh, no, no. I think we oughta
call in some help. No way!

No way? No way?
Hey, look at me
a second, okay?

Am i wearing a raccoon hat
with a tail? I'm not, am i?

I'll tell you why. Because
i ain't davy crockett...

and you,
you're not daniel boone!

And this,
this is not new jersey!

How's that gonna
make us look, huh?

Big-city detectives can't even get a
prisoner out of a stinkin' redneck county!

How's it gonna look if we can't
find him? We're gonna find him.

We're gonna find him.
We're going to the car.

I'm gonna change my clothes and we're
gonna find him. You wanna know why?

- Yeah.
- Because he's from newark too!