Driving Miss Daisy

SIow down!
Miriam and BeuIah, I couId see what
they were thinking when we came out.

What's that?
That I was pretending to be rich!
-You is rich.
-No, I'm not!

Nobody can say I put on airs.
On Forsyth Street we made many meals
out of grits and gravy.

I have done without pIenty of times.
Miss Daisy, if I was to ever
get my hands on what you got...

...shoot, I'd shake it around
for everyone in the worId to see.

That is vuIgar! Don't taIk to me!
Never gonna understand some white foIks.
What was that? I heard that!
Now, Miss Daisy, you need a chauffeur...
...and, Lord knows, I need a job.
So why don't we just Ieave it at that?
Good morning, Mama. What's the matter?
No, I don't aIways think
something's wrong when you caII.

Just when you caII so earIy.
AII right. I'II be there as soon as I can.