Enemies: A Love Story

By the way, I...
I didn't get your name.

- Uh, Tamara.
- Miss or missus?

Whatever you like.
Well, Tamara what?
Surely you have a last name.

- Tamara Broder.
- Broder?

- Also Broder?
- Cousins.

Small worid.
- Extraordinary times, huh?
My regards to your wife.
These days, a Polish peasant
who converts toJudaism...

is quite a phenomenon.
- Good night.
- Good night.

- Don't leave me, Mistress Tamara.
- I have to go, Yadwiga.

You are not going!
The rabbi is waiting.
If I don't go now,
if I don't meet him...

he will fire me...
we would starve to death.

I be back, Yadwiga.
It's a lie! A whore is waiting
for him, not a rabbi!

I'm going to have
an operation tomorrow.

They're going to remove
that bullet from my hip.

You know, sometimes,
in the middle of the night...

I hear my father
talking to me.