Enemies: A Love Story

"What have you accomplished?"
He asks.

"You make yourself,
everyone else miserable.

They're ashamed of you
here in heaven."

Think of me
once in a while, Herman.

Forgive me.
- Mazel tov, bridegroom!
- Don't stand at the door!

It's your home. I'm your wife.
Everything here is yours.

What a catch, Broder!
Next week, you're
coming to my house.

- You sure
I picked the right dress?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Maybe I should have
taken the red one.

- Do you know, Herman? The red one
looked very nice too.

- It looks fine.
- Well, maybe I made
the right choice.

Eileen, they've arrived!
Is that a beauty? He nabbed
the prettiest woman in America.

- Hello.
- Look at that face.

- My husband's told me
so much about you.
- He has?

- I'm really glad that
you came to our party.
- Yeah!