Erik the Viking

Have you done this sort
of thing before?

Me? Of course. I've been looting
and pillaging up and down the coast.

- Looting and pillaging, eh?
- Yes.

- What about the raping?
- Shut up.

Well, it's obvious you haven't
raped anyone in your life.

- Do you like women?
- What?

Of course I like women...
I love 'em.

You don't love me.
Mind you, I'm not saying I
couldn't get to like you.

As a matter of fact I actually
prefer it if there's some sort

of mutual feeling between two

What? Rape?
No. Obviously then it would be
rape - then, would it?

Get it over with.
I don't suppose that you...
No. No.

I don't suppose you...
You do like me at all?
What d'you expect?
You come in here, burn
my village, kill my family

and try to rape me...
You don't like it, do you?
Well it just seems a little bit
crude, that's all.

What about all the killings
and lootings?

That's just as crude, isn't it?
- Well, you've got to do them.
- Why?

Why have you got to go around
killing and looting all the time?

To pay for the next expedition,
of course.

But that's a circular argument!
If the only reason for going on an
expedition is the killing and looting

and the only reason
for the killing and looting is

to pay for the next expedition,
they cancel each other out.

Stop talking as if
we were married!

Well you started it.
I just said I didn't feel like
raping you.

And I was just saying that rape
is no more pointless or crude

than all the killing and looting.
Aaagh! Rape!