Erik the Viking

The first note will take you to

The second will awaken the Gods.
The third will bring you home.
But remember, once you are in
the spell of the Horn,

hatred will destroy you.
Will the dead ever return, Freya?
That I cannot tell you.
What are you doing?
Thorfinn just said Sven's
grandfather died of old age.

- He must fight to the death.
- That's right! Sven must kill me.

Aren't you afraid of death,
Thorfinn Skull-Splitter?

Not death by the sword!
It means I shall drink in
Valhalla with the great warriors.

You don't believe in all that
Valhalla stuff, do you?

Go away.
Right. Fine.
Just checking.

And you, Sven, aren't you afraid
of crossing the Rainbow Bridge

- to Asgaard?
- I will join my grandfather there.

He's not in Valhalla!
He died of old age!

You liar!
Stop it!
There's only one way
to settle it. He must kill me!

- There is another way.
- Who gets killed?

- Nobody gets killed.
- Oh, well...