Field of Dreams

He was a pioneer in the civil rights
and the antiwar movement.

He made the cover of Newsweek.
He knew everybody. He did everything.

He helped shape his time.
The guy hung out with The Beatles.

It wasn't enough.
What he missed was baseball.

-Oh, my God!

As a small boy,
he had a bat named Rosebud.

-Give me that.

The guy hasn't been
to a baseball game since 1958.

So, to ease his pain, you're supposed
to take him to a ball game.

Ray, this is nuttier
than building the baseball field.

No, it's not. It's pretty weird,
but building the field was weirder.

Five, ten percent weirder.
I'm sorry, I'm going to have
to nip this one in the bud.

We're having moderate to heavy
financial difficulties here.

You can't take off for Boston
while we're going broke in lowa.

This is really new territory for us...
...but we're dealing
with primal forces of nature.

When primal forces of nature tell you
to do something...

:43:02's not prudent to quibble over details.
-Why do you have to go?

Why can't the voice send somebody else?
How about Shirley MacLaine?

Is she too busy?
What does this have to do with you?

That's what I have to find out.
We are behind on the mortgage.
That field ate up all of our savings.
We could lose this farm.

I won't even stay in motels.
I'll sleep in the car. I'll beg for food.

No. Now, this is too much.
I understand your need to prove
to yourself and to the world...

:43:33 are not turning into your father,
but you have.

You believed in the magic.
It happened. Isn't that enough?

It's more than that.
I know this is totally nuts...

...but there's another reason
I'm supposed to do it.

I feel it as strongly as I've felt anything
in my life. There's a reason.

What? Just tell me what it is.
Something's going to happen at the game.
There's something at Fenway Park.

I got to be there
with Terence Mann to find it out.