Field of Dreams

-Son of a....

Way to go, Arch! Way to go!
Attaboy, Arch!
This is the wave!
-Way to go, man!
-Yeah, Archie.

-All right.
-Archie, we need it.

-Way to go.
-Yeah. Way to go.

-What is this?
-What is this jerk doing?

-Shit! Wreck him.
-Let me at him!

You're interrupting the game, Mark.
It's time to put away your little fantasies
and come down to Earth.

-It's not a fantasy. They're real.
-Who is real?

Shoeless Joe Jackson, the White Sox,
all of them.

-You mean?
-No. He can't see any of them.

Who is this, Elvis?
As a matter of fact, it's Terence Mann.
How do you do? I'm the Easter Bunny.
-Let's settle this thing now.
-Look. I'm not selling.

You have no money.
You have a stack of bills!

Come fall, you got no crop to sell.
But, I have a deal
that allows you to stay on the land.

Daddy? We don't have to sell the farm.
-You'll live in the house rent-free.
-What about the team--

Do you realize how much
this land is worth?

Yeah. Yeah.