Ghostbusters II

So he ditched you.
Subject is a male Caucasian,
approximately 24 inches in length, -

- weighs 18 pounds
and is 8 months old.

- Ocular.
- Pupillary response normal.

- Auditory.
- Normal.

- Axillary reflex.
- Appears to be ticklish.

- You should have married me.
- You never asked me.

Whenever l brought it up
you"d f all asleep.

You never got it, Dana.
l"m a man.

l"m sensitive.
l need to be loved and desired.

When you started introducing me
as the old ball and chain, l left.

l may have personal problems,
but l"m a professional at my job.

Egon, what are we doing?
He seems to be fine, Dana.
- Where does he sleep?
- l"ll show you.

- Get a stool specimen, please.
- Business or personal?

- lt"s a little messy.
- We want to sweep for valances.

My parents didn"t believe in toys.

Do you want to play with a big kid?
l should have been your f ather.
l could have been.

l understand.