I hope you are keeping well
and not worrying too much about me.

You mustn't think
any of us are gonna be killed.

For they're collecting such a force
here that an attack would be insane.

The Massachusetts men
passed through this morning.

How grand it is to meet the men
from all the states...

...ready to fight for their country...
:02:42 the old fellows did
in the Revolution.

But this time we must make it
a whole country...

... for all who live here,
so that all can speak.

Before this war began...
...many of my regiment
had never seen a Negro.

But now the roads are choked
with the dispossessed.

We fight for men and women
whose poetry is not yet written...

...but which will presently be
as enviable and as renowned as any.

Last night we heard
of yet another defeat...

...but we are not disheartened.
I am honoured to be part
of such a splendid company.

They have made me captain,
of which I am enormously proud.

You would think it strange
to see me giving orders to 100 men...

...most of whom are older than I am.
Thank you for sending
my volume of Emerson.

His words come home to me like truth.
''A deep man, '' he says, ''believes
that the evil eye can wither...

... that the heart's
blessing can heal...