Henry V

My most redoubted father,
it is most meet we arm us
against the foe.

For peace itself
should not so dull a kingdom,

but the defenses, musters,
preparations should be maintained,

assembled and collected,
as were a war in expectation.

Therefore, I say 'tis meet
we all go forth to view...

the sick and feeble
parts of France.

And let us do it
with no show of fear!

No, with no more than if we heard
that England were busied with,

uh, a Whitsun morris dance.

For, my good liege, she is so idly
kinged by a vain, giddy, shallow,

humorous youth,
that fear attends her not.

O peace, prince dauphin.
You're too much mistaken
in this king.

Question, your grace,
the late ambassadors.

With what great state
he heard their embassy,

how well supplied
with noble counselors,

how modest in exception
and withal how terrible...

in constant resolution.
Well, 'tis not so,
my lord high constable.

Though we think it so,
'tis no matter.

In matters of defense, 'tis best to weigh
the enemy more mighty than he seems.

Think we king Harry strong.
And, princes, look you
strongly armed to meet him.

For he is bred
out of that bloody strain...

that haunted us
in our familiar paths.

Witness our too-much
memorable shame...

when cressy battle
fatally was struck...

and all our princes captived...
by the hand
of that black name,

black prince of Wales.
This is a stem
of that victorious stalk.

And let us fear
the native mightiness...