Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Herman's horsesick!
Chaps, no one wander off!
Some of the passageways in here
can run for miles.

I don't think this is such a good idea.
What is it?
- Did you get anything yet?
- Nothing.

The kid's got something.
I got something, Fedora!
I got something right here.

Oh, look at that!
- We're rich! We're rich!
- Shut up!

Indy? What are they doing?
Indiana? lndiana...?
We gotta find more stuff.
It's the Cross of Coronado.
Cort├ęs gave it to him in 1 520.

I'll give that ring to my mama
and put it on her bony finger!

That cross is an important artefact,
it belongs in a museum.

Run back, tell Mr Havelock
there are men looting in the caves.

Have him bring the sheriff.
It's only a snake! Did you hear me?