January Man

And then give 'em some hard talk back.
Two or three minutes, but be
conservative. Very, very conservative.

And if you blow, blow with dignity.
I'm gonna be dog meat after this.
No, you're not.
If he comes out of this looking great,
I'm an asshole for firing him.

If he blows it,
I'm a schmuck for bringing him back.

If he blows it, we're all unemployed,
and if he gets the guy, we're all heroes.

It's like Elizabeth Taylor says:
"There is no deodorant like success."

- What is it?
- Captain Alcoa's here.

Oh, shit. He heard.
OK, send him in.
I won't do it. I won't do it!
- Do what?
- Don't bullshit me besides screwing me!

We're all having a bad day, Alcoa.
- Nick Starkey is not a policeman!
- His record shows otherwise.

- He don't belong in the department.
- That's for me to say.

He's a fucking beatnik!
He's got a beatnik mentality.

Well, maybe
that's what we need is a beatnik.

Sure. Seems funny down here and now.
But it don't feel so fuckin' funny

in the middle of a murder case
when you see those girls dead!

Who do you think you're talking to?
Jesus Christ!

Who the fuck do you think
you're talking to?

Do you think I'm your wife? You wanna
fuck me? Well, don't mess with me.

You mess with me and you better have
a goddamn sense of humour

the size of Lake Michigan
to find something to laugh about.

And if I send you a rubber duck
to work with, that is the news!

Can you understand that?
Do you understand?