Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

What's wrong with Vince?
He's a very nice young man.

What got you upset?
His buttons open? His zipper at half-mast?
Do you have to paint pictures?
That's our daughter we're talking about.

Second down and 15
at the Cobras' 15-yard line.

Mike Mendoza now at quarterback.
Pass complete to Joe Kelly,
first down at the Chicago 20-yard line.

Durwood Broadmore made the stop.
This is a waste of time.
We'll never get anything inside this place.

Keep your zipper up, man. It's still early.
Mendoza to Wade Hawkins.
Tackle made by the Bruisers' Carl Haygins.

Check out the little girl in Section 3.
Five yards for the score
by running back Wimpy Pal.

Touchdown Los Angeles Cobras!
I want you to see something.
Section C, Aisle 3.
She's making my hormone count soar.
Who's the ugly bastard?
That's Crowe from Vice.
The guy that's been
fucking up my business.

And the pass is intercepted by Wimpy Pal.
Penalty flag on the play.
Offside is charged against the Bruisers.