Lean on Me

Fair eastside
by thy side
we'll stand

and always
praise thy name

and ever lend our hearts
and hands

to help increase thy fame
the honor
of old eastside high

brings forth our loyalty
so cheer
for dear old eastside high

lead on to victory
man: As the tension mounts
throughout the free world,

the ladies have a surprising
15-0 lead over the boys.

Now next question,
bonus question for 20 points.

What is the origin
of our civil rights?

The magna carta.
No, tom, no.
Ellen, take it.
English common law.
20-point bonus.
Boys lose 10 points
for ringing the bell

without knowing the answer.
It's a 10-point loss.

The magna carta was a document
guaranteeing rights,

but the rights of whom?
Uh, stacey.

The aristocracy.
10-point bonus
for the girls.

The aristocracy
vis-a-vis the king.

The people got their rights
from the common well.

The common well.
Hence... come on, who knows?

Uh... anthony.
10-point bonus
for the boys.

Good, but, guys,
watch out.

Girls have a 45-0 lead.
You're not doing too well.

Next two.
Come on. Quickly.

All right.
Here we go.

Bonus question
for 10 points.

Define the word

Aha. I'll spell it
for you.