Lean on Me

You have no life.
Your wife left you.

I ought to
walk out myself!

Go ahead,
bail out!

I said
i'd back you up!

That's what
yousaid, frank!

Brother, i'll go
through the fire with you,

but you are not
taking care of business.

But this shit you're
pulling now,

you've just gone
plain loco!

You suspend darnell!
What the hell was that?

Darnell is symptomatic
of disciplinary-

he is a good, strong,
young black teacher!

He dumped that desk
on top of your head.

Good for him.
You will reinstate that man!

You fire
mrs. Elliott. Why?

She didn't want to
kiss your ass.

I wouldn't either!
Mrs. Elliott
has an ego problem.

Well, you lost
the best teacher we had!

I don't have time for
mrs. Elliott's problem!

You better make time!
We're being crucified
by a process

that's turning blacks
into a permanent
underclass here!

See? Nobody wants
to talk about that!

Mrs. Elliott's missionary
zeal about mozart

has nothing to do
with our problem!

What good will mozart do
children who can't
go out and get a job?

your personal battles

are going to
cost us the war.

Worry about
the test scores.

What the hell you think
i'm worried about?

End of discussion!
Debate is over!

You will write
a formal apology

for your treatment
of mrs. Elliott and darnell

and for your thoughtless insult
to the women of this community!

You will kowtow
and step and fetch.

Get used to it!
It's the way of the world!

If you're so hot
on discipline,

then start
by accepting mine

because contrary
to popular opinion,

i am the head nigger
in charge!

Come on. Let's get
something to eat.

you really think
you bad, don't you?