Lean on Me

You're all in violation
of the fire code!

You cannot prevent me
from going in.

You're not getting in,
and that's that.
You have no right
to lock these doors.

This isn't a plant.
This is my school.

If you want
to get in here,

apply for a pass
like everyone else.

What the hell
is the bat for?

They used to call me
crazy joe.

Now they can call me

I got thugs and drug dealers
trying to get into my school.

You might be one.
I don't know.

Are you crazy?
I got all day,

How much time
do you have?

I'll be back, clark.
Thanks, mr. Darnell.
Good to have you back.

You shouldn't have fired me
in the first place.

You're right, but don't
get used to it.

Mr. Clark, why did you
lock the school?

Aren't you concerned
about students' safety?

Get these people
back to their classes.

Honey, get back
to your class.

You're playing
into his hands.

That was
the fire chief.

Know what he's saying
right now?

"Black bastard
can't throw me out,"

know where he's saying it?
Out in the parking lot.

Mr. Clark,
a baseball bat?

If they'd got me
those emergency doors

that sound an alarm
when you open them up

like the ones
white schools have,

i wouldn't
have to chain them.

Those doors cost
a fortune.

We don't have enough
money for books.

Tell the mayor that.
Call the federal government.

Never mind
what i'm doing.

Why don't you do
what i ask you?

Where are those
test scores i asked for?

Hey, mr. Clark.
Hi. Where you been?
I was sick.
Sick, huh?
Hi, eric.

What was that
altercation about?

Are my pants too tight?

The fight you had
in the cafeteria.

Don't get cute with me.
I've already had enough
shit from this.

Why did he come after you?
You dealing drugs?

We don't need
to get into this.

I just came here
to tell you something.

I don't think
i'm cut out for school.