Monsieur Hire

You are good.  
Good what is with me.  
It does by Emile?  
It wants to know if it were watching that night?  
If I saw arrive and wake up it...  
in order to clean the blood of Pierrette to whom it finished killing...  
and to clean its stained raincoat?  
Then yes, young lady.  
I saw.  
Like all the nights, I saw everything.  
It will continue being good with me?  
It will continue embracing to me?  
Kissing to me tenderly?  
Wanting that it watches it...  
while one undresses?  
Why it does not warn the police?  
Because it is impossible.  
single in my house, I cry...  
without stopping.  
Nobody knows it.  
When one goes to me, I leave.  
I come here.  
The scents, the perfumes...  
I always do not request the same girl.  
I do not want to encariñar itself.  
I feel here.  
I close the eyes.  
I hope.  
When it enters, I know which is.