Monsieur Hire

As soon as it crosses the door, its scent arrives to me.  
I am not on the awares.  
She approaches.  
She undresses to me slowly.  
She does not take anything...  
except for a towel tied to the waist.  
Their chests graze to me hardly....  
It enchants that slight contact to me.  
If it knew what smooth is its skin.  
To me it continues grazing.  
It kisses to me without I know where their lips will settle.  
And when note that increases my desire,  
one eases up here,  
the towel takes off,  
it is given, smiling...  
with the open thighs.  
All that finished.  
To those women...  
no longer I want to touch them, it understands it?  
Why it tells all that me?  
When it came to live before my house,  
everything changed.  
I began to watch by chance and no longer I could take off the eyes.  
I let make the love with those girls...  
because I fell in love with you.  
I want it, Stakes out.  
For that reason I did not speak with the police.  
If not outside by you, it would denounce to Emile.  
It was an accident. ÉI did not want to kill it.