My Left Foot

- We have to get goin', Christy.
- Yeah.

What do you think? Too much self-pity?
No. I think he's a lovely man,
and not in the least sentimental.

Mary, do you really think so?
- And would you go out with him?
- Certainly.

Now listen, everyone...
So you'd go out with me?
-..Christy Brown.
- I might. Shh, he's talkin' about ya.

I want to introduce you
to one of the brav...

Well, no, no, quite the bravest chap
I've ever come across.

Yes, well, now when
Christy Brown was born

the doctors told his mother
that... just no good...

- Stay with us for a couple of hours.
-..just a vegetable for the rest of his life.

But Bridget Brown,
she wouldn't take that, oh, no.

Would you go out with me tonight?
I told you, Christy, I have an appointment.
And so we have with us here tonight...
Are ya in love with him?
I asked ya did ya love him, Mary?