New York Stories

It's for the Japan House tonight.
Listen, I'm sorry what
I said to you at the party.

I-- I just get crazy.
It's beautiful.
Look, I can't go with you tonight.
I made other plans.

- Oh, yeah?
- I'm going to the Blind Alley
with some girlfriends.

Oh, yeah?
Who's, uh, at the Blind Alley?

I just want to show him that I don't
give a damn any more, you know?

I can go see him, see his stuff--
his stuff, like anybody else.

Does that sound like
total horseshit, or what?

No, absolutely not. I think, uh--
I think we should.

I think we should show him
that life goes on, that he's
not even worth avoiding.

I-- I think you have to go
right up in his face tonight.

- I mean, right up in his face.
- I think I'd rather work.

No, don't use work as an excuse.
Your work's sacred.

- Yeah, well, maybe yours is.
- No, yours too. Yours too.

Now, look, you go with your girlfriends,
you go with them...

that's like a bunch of high school girls
with a crush on some boy.

But if y-you walk in with me,
you make an entrance with
firepower, with dignity.

- What about Japan House?
- Now, first comes our house.

I don't know. I think-- I think
you should go right up in his face.

See, I don't look for trouble.
I mean, but some people do, right?

You know, they--
they, like, walk around, you know?
They-They-They--They're, like,
lookin' for a-- for a fight.

Like, okay, I had this one guy one time.
He's walkin' down the street,
and he steps on my foot.

All right, it was an accident.
He didn't mean it, right?
But he doesn't say anything.

You know, so I said,
"Excuse me." Yeah?

He turns around, he says,
"Yeah, what?"