New York Stories

- Here he is.
- Oh.

- Nineteen months old.
- Oh, he's adorable.

- And look at that little behind.
- Mom, please! Enough already.

Everything embarrasses him.
He's always shushing me.

He says I talk too loud when we go out,
you know, like in restaurants?

It's just too bad.
What do I care if people listen?

He was always ashamed. Hmph.
- He used to wet the bed.
- Oh, God.

Excuse me.
I'll be right back.

- Mom, we're gonna have to go. Really.
- Oh--

'Cause I gotta get a cab back.
And dinner was-- dinner was terrific.

Look, look. Listen, Sheldon.
Don't get married.

Mom, I don't wanna discuss it.
I wanna discuss it.
What do you know about that?

After all, where do you come
to a blond with three children?

What are you, an astronaut?
- Are you okay?
- My mother did it again.

Oh. Dinner with your fiancée?
No, that was last week's trauma.
Today, I'm at work...
and I'm in the middle
of an important conference.

You know, I work for
a very conservative firm.
Everything is always very formal.

- Excuse me, Mr Mills.
- I think they're a pretty good group
of people in general.

- Your mother's here.
- What?

-Joe and Annabel are working
on communications with them.
- Your mother's here to see you.

Now, we've explored a few
different issues. I've outlined
a few different ones here.

- Mother.
- Say hello to Aunt Ceil.

- What are you doing here?
- We just saw Cats.