New York Stories

you know, it was like a great weight
has been lifted from my shoulders.

I-I-I find that I smile more easily...
and I-I-- I'm more energetic at work,
you know.

And, and, and my sex life
has never been better.

I mean, Lisa says that, uh, I-I've--
she's never seen me so relaxed
and uninhibited in bed.

What do you think?
Well, obviously,
it's because she's gone, right?

I mean, what else could it be
except that she's--

she's not around any more,
and-- and it's astonishing, isn't it...

how, how, how, how much,
you know, she's--

A-And nothing terrible happened.
It wasn't brutal.

No-- No ugly thing happened.
She didn't die or no--

You know, she just sort of mysteriously
and peacefully vanished, you know?

You don't think that she's
gonna come back, do you?

Mr Flynn?
Oh, Mr Mills.
Look, Mr Mills, I'm really sorry
to report there's no progress
on locating that missing woman.

It's okay, it's okay. Don't--
I-I came by to say that
I located her myself.

I found her,
and she's back, and she--

What happened was she had,
um, like a--

sort ofa mini-stroke, and she--
she didn't remember anything.

She didn't who she was,
and she was wandering around.

But she's okay now, and I--
and so I'll take care of it.

She's-- You can--
You can drop the case.

Just drop the case?
Yeah. Don't-- Don't find her.
Don't look for her any more.

- You're sure you're okay?
- Mm. I'm great.

And I've never been better.
Never been better.