Honey, l´m always here
if you need me. Sweetheart!

Honey, be careful.
lf you want anything, just call me!

Oh, man!
Just incredible!

l knew you´d be the one
who´d appreciate this.

Three years, every night, every weekend,
l had dinner out here.

Yeah, it was a piece of junk
when l found it.

First time l got laid
was in a car like this.

- Frank?
- What?

Cool just finished lunch.
l´ll call the newspaper.
l thought you and Larry
could take him somewhere.

l am showing Larry my car.
Just plop him in front of the TV.
That´s what he always does.

Wasn´t that Super Bowl incredible
right down to the last minute?

They´re usually not that close.
And usually the winning team
covers the point spread.

Usually, you can count on it.
- Take a beating?
- No, thanks. l already took one.

Anyway, l had to pay off,
and it´s left me a little--

- What do you need?
- Huh?

Aw, come on. Don´t insult me.
l didn´t come here to be insulted.

Come on.
Puttin´ together a deal, you gotta look
like you can piss with the big boys.

You see? You know.
How much?
A couple thousand.
Three, tops.