No more to write, mother.
Different financial claims were made,
so this restaurant was
taken over without pay.

You don't know Tiger's character.
He set up a badger's game for Yang.
l tried to stop him.
So the battle was over Ritz's shares.
Can't we stay out of such business?
You're the Big Brothers.
Brothers won't object
as long as they are fed.

We should make
the restaurant more profitable.

l'll never run a casino.
How about a brothel?
Uncle, a Miss Yang wants to see you.
Here's Uncle Hai, Miss.
l'm Luming.
My father had half share.
Miss Yang, right?
Your father died in Shanghai, l hear.
Right, so l come to discuss with you,
about the money problem.
Wah here, the new boss.
Before he died, he told me that
he lost all Ritz money.
and l should pay it back to you.
No, no need.
He meant repayment
when you have the money.

l have here some for you.
He owed us thousands.
l could work for you free.
What can you do?
l sang and danced
in a Shanghai night club.

Why don't you keep on?
Closed But l really can do well.
Let me sing for you.
Night Hong Kong; Nightless city;
Pearl of the Orient.

Listen to the symphony
of waves and tides.

Only that much.