Young Lu asks
when you are leaving.

None of your business.
No, l come to report
car engine's gone dead.

Tell him to go away.
But the engine's dead!
Right, can't go. May have to push it.
Tell Lu to get away.
Tell young Lu to leave.
Him to leave! Sure, sure.
You depend on others for a decision.
Only when they have the right idea.
Let go of me.

You mustn't go.
Don't go!
Give me a reason.
Reason, what reason?
We don't act on reasons.
You drink too much!
Are you all right?
l'm really sorry.
Lu insists on seeing
Miss. Luming first.

What's to be done?
Gun him down.
Shoot him dead.
Let me get up.
Please don't leave.
You can't hold her as a thief.
Be intimate with her. She stays.
Be intimate with her?
And you refuse to listen.
l do. l do.
Why haven't you gone?
l'll go and clean the car.
Don't touch me!
Miss, l am sorry.
Baggage in hand? On holiday?
l tried to get you letter,
but was sacked.
Where's the letter?
The manager took it.
Mr. Manager.
Manager, she wants to see you.
A Shanghai letter addressed to