Madam Rose never let her know
about the flowers.

She used the flower money
to send her to college.
She was told not to worry
about money,

because the mother
is rich and famous.

Now if the daughter knows the truth,
she will be very dissapointed.
Or if the father and son know.
there would be no marriage.
Tell me what l can do.
Only you can help.
You are the only one.
You are obliged to help her,
as her rose brought you good luck.
What can l do then?
Simple. Send her to the best hotel
and dress her up.
lt takes money.
We raise a fund for her.
Money's here but it may not be enough.
Enough. No money's needed.
We'll just follow
whatever you say,
l have to leave.
l'll be hold responsible
for all the things.

l can't thank you enough.
You fix it up.
Thank you.
Take care.
Doing the unnecessary things!
They're simple. l am glad to help.
This way.
Miss Yang, everything's set.
Take care of Madam Kao.
Madam Kao, please.
So beautiful.
Switch on all lights.
They meet with your approval?