meet bosses, settle account
l'm your puppet.
One's naturally troubled.

Right. l'll go and clean the car.
You should do these.
You think l should do these.
Then what should you do?
The things l'm doing right now.
Are you happy with
what you're doing?

Right, l'm happy, very happy.
All right, keep it up.
l will; l certainly will.
Keep on going.
But l don't really know
what l'm doing.

The imported goods
here are great.

Right, do you have Hong Kong cash.
Being remitted over.
l'll advance some.
l'm troubling you too much.
When will your stocks be floated?
Quite soon.
Backed by gold mine,
the stocks are strong.

And a shipyard and a steel mill.
Why don't you go
and find the reporters?

You do only trivial things. Go.
How much a share?
One dollar. $2.8 when floated.
More than double?
Outsiders are not allowed to buy.
Mr. Ku, may l buy?
Aren't you an outsider?
l'm one of you?
Ho, chairman, organizing
committee, police club.

That's police club house.
l'm the fund-raiser.

Your charitable deeds
are praise worthy.
Thank you.
Are you all right?
Just heaving a sigh.
Enjoying the sights is much better.
l sigh because the house
needs $80,000,

but raised only $15,000 in 3 years.
Only save $60,000
short of the target.

After the stock issue,
l'll try to help.
Mr. Ku, sorry.
l know it takes one word from you.
lt's upsetting.