Why don't you call your station?
Call the station?
Check if anything had happened.
Couldn't be.
To ease my worry, call.
l must ease your worry.
l'll wait here for you.
l'll go to the bathroom.
l'll accompany you.
No need, be with mother.
Why's he tagging along?
He wants to.
Don't let him.
l'll do the best.
Luming, okay to leave?
What's up?
Chief Ho's here again.
Fix him up.

l'll be back soon.
Kwong On bank, please.
Uncle, why are you here?
Looking at the lights.
The lights?
Chief Ho.
Why are you hereabout?
Two gangs nearby are ready
for a wax.

You can see l'm busy.
But as the chief,
you have the responsibility.

Don't lecture me on my duty!
ls it Kwong On Bank?
Go away.
Sorry, l didn't mean you.
They're still here.
Waiting for someone?

Then join me.
After work.
Why do you bring him along?
Think of some way.
l couldn't find you before.
l had something to say.
Where's Cheng Wah?

Went to the toilet.
Anything the matter?
Can't leave yet. Come, come.
Sit down and speak slowly.
l'm fated not to have time to sit.
Floating in 3 months!
Many people failed in bids to buy?
Sorry to trouble you. Bye.
Thank you.
Sorry. Just a second.
What's it?
ls Mr. Ku living here?
ls he?
Over there.
Your friend?
Some trivial business.
Thank you.
All's well.
Give this to John.
Rich now.
Off work so early!
Mr. Kao's on easy street.

Sit down for a chat.