What is it?
Seems he tries to slip away.
Slipping away?
l can't cope. l want to
return to my countryside.

How do you do it?
By boat or train.
How about by wheelchase?
l'm not going.
l have work to do.

We're leaving.
Written here is
everybody's assignment.

This is yours. Remember it.
This is yours.
Be gentle.
l may be pregnant and
easy to get miscarriage.

Don't fuss over a future bastard.
Don't move.
Be careful.
You're ladies. Be civil.
She's got her foot in her mouth.
She devours despite a big waist.
Breathe deeply.
Haven't you seen a woman
all your life?

Remember your lines well.
Tong gave you each
an assignment paper.
showing you name,
lines to speak.

Speak Mandarin as
Mr. Ku is from Shanghai.

Don't recite as yet.
But you must remember your role...
and act like a gentleman.
Why? He might be
rougher than me.

Who are you?
The secretary of education.
Education? Nobody could be
tougher than you.

No need to explain.
One look and all know you aren't.
Who's the chief warden?
Who's got that paper?
You're the warden.
Why didn't you reply?

l don't know. l can't read.
Can't read! Oh my!
All right, you be the warden
and you the secretary.