Stay with your Cantonese.
l'm Ku. This is...
l am the Governor of Hong Kong.
You're not the Governor.
You're the Transportation Chief.

l want to be the Governor.
That fellow's police commissioner.
l must be the Governor.
l've got to be the Governor.
You don't have to be so serious.
l must outrank him. l'm the Governor.
He demands to be the Governor.
Let him be the governor
since he wants it.

Rehearse with me a few more times.
One more time. Cooperate.
Big Brother, Sister Shun
wants to see you.

One more. 1, 2, 3. Salute.
l saw cops surround this place.

What's it?
We're surrounded by cops.
Police! How come?
l overheard that
they're waiting for Ho's warrant.
He must think we're gang fighting.
We can't leave.
Mme Rose's waiting. Time's up.
They'll spot the fake.
l feel sorry for her.
What to do now?
How would l know.

What's to be done?
Let him decide everything.
You must think hard.
What's to be done?
l'll fetch Ho at the AG's.
You can't go out
and can do nothing.

l don't know. Let's roll
with the punch.

l go from the rear.
Somebody's coming.
Why are you two standing here?
To get the drinks.

No need. Go up and practice.
Tell Uncle l'm going
to the AG's and...

will contact him when l meet Ho.
He must stay.