Tiger! Tiger!
Give me a minute before you kill me.
Let me finish the urgent matter.
Balony! l'll kill you now.
They've come back.
l told you l didn't kill them.
Aren't you two supposed
to be dead?

Not yet. He got us.
He set us free.
Damn, you scared me.
Tiger, l told you
l didn't cheat you.

So, rotten man,
you want to be the boss!

Tiger, l did it for you.
l can be a better boss.
Bah! You can't be better!
Release him.
Tiger, bear in mind
this is for your own good.
From now on, keep off
our family affairs.

You family affairs!
Okay, keep off.

l got him. Stop him if you can.
Tiger, l certainly will
have tea with you.
Brother Fei, since you say
it's family business.

We'll go back and solve it.
l've something urgent. Excuse me.
Don't ever hope to leave alive.
l won't meddle. But rules are rules.
l'll keep the guns for you.
Canton kid, have no fear.
l'll take care of snipers.
But l'd have died then!
You get him. You get the factory.
Get him.
Go away.
Brother is really great!