Beat me back.
Hit me. Don't be afraid.
Hit him.
Don't move.
Great fistwork!
Canton Kid, you fought well.
Here, here's a slap.
Good friends we shall be!
Pal, l have to go. Something urgent.
Anything happens. Count me in.
Count in your ass.
What's the hurry?
Shantung Man, lend me the car.
l'm borrowing your car.
No problem.
Did l speak correctly?
Right, perfect.
Chief Ho, you are wanted.
Chief Detective Ho.
Go out and keep watch.
Yes, sir.

Please lift the siege, Chief Ho.
Chief Ho, please...
How did you get out?
Chief Detective Ho.
Stand there.

Mr. Ho, please lift the siege.
We're doing a good thing
in the Ritz.

Bagging you all
is surely a good thing.

Chief Detective Ho.
Good evening, sir.
You didn't go and find
the missing as told.

But you came to the Ritz.
Sir your ass. The AG just
gave me the works.

l tell you now.
From now on, your only job...
is to find the missing persons.
Or, you voluntarily disappear.
Yes, sir.
l know the whereabouts
of the missing.

Who's he?
The owner of the Ritz.
You really know?
Four reporters, two businessman.

So l took him to you.
Follow me.
You too.
Yes, sir.
You must solve
the missings case first.

This Ritz owner knows
their whereabouts.

Search the Ritz.