King's Councilor and Mrs. Lo.
Commandant of Volunteers
and Mrs. Wong.

Magistrate and Mrs. Benjaman.
Marine Commander
and Mrs. Gordon

Police Commissioner
and Mrs. Laughton.

Chief Boy Scout McGeorge.
Attorney General
and Mrs. Steeves.

Chairman, Jockey Club,
General Morse.

President of Lions Club,
Mr. Chan.

Justice of Peace
and Mrs. Chow.

President of Rotary Club
and Mrs. Lee.

Supreme Court Magistrate
and Mrs. Nelson.

Railways Director and
Mrs. Watson.

Postmaster General
and Mrs. Nitton.

Why are you decked out like this?
The AG lent it to me?
How did you get them here?
l told them their presence
is mandatory.

Water works Director
and Mrs. Johnston.

Public Works Director
and Mrs. Pearce.

Chairman, East lndia Co
and Mrs. Banks.

Exceptionally happy tonight.
You finally did something good
on your own.

l wanted to do it,
like everyone else...

but didn't have enough courage.
Why are you crying?
l'm going to the toilet.
Stop crying. Makes you
look awful.

Actually l don't look pretty at all.